Best PC Games of 2013

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Here are the best PC games of 2013:


Tomb Raider

Lara’s reinvention unclasped itself from old series’ hang ups and managed to avoid the pitfalls that her seventh, twelfth, thirty-fifth and seventy-third games so ungraciously fell into. Though QTE heavy and hands-free at times, Tomb Raider was undeniably a brutally cinematic triumph. An exciting and well executed return of a gaming icon. Read our Tomb Raider reviewhere.


BioShock Infinite

A little known title from obscure developer Irrational Games, BioShock Infinite is the story of a man who must infiltrate a flying city full of racists, puritans and revolutionaries in order to rescue a girl who can open rifts in space and time, thereby marrying the whitewashed, boardwalk idealism of turn of the century America to wild and subversive science-fiction. He achieves this primarily by shooting crows out of his fists. Here are some thoughts on BioShock Infinite.



Currently in a closed beta, Firefall has been put together by Blizzard veterans at Red 5 Studios. This massively multiplayer online FPS is pocked with RPG progression features, jetpacks, player versus world elements, giant guns and deep fiction. It’s a dream combination of exploration and questing and rocket launchers.


Arma 3

It’s something of a tumultuous development process, but the early access alpha of Arma 3 shows that development hasn’t taken a hit as a result. It’s hands down the most ambitious and technically competent military simulation in history, combining on-foot operations, air and ground vehicle combat and lots of underwater exploration. We played Arma 3 wrong.


Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

The follow up to Far Cry 3 is this absolutely ridiculous, totally overblown 80s style sci-fi shooter. Think neon, think cyborgs, think pumping retro tunes. Does it look cheesy? Yes. Does it look like an awful lot of fun, too? Absolutely. Read our Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon preview here.


Dark Souls 2

The punishingly difficult Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition bordered on frustratingly unfair, but while Dark Souls 2 will make some concessions to accessibility, the Japanese dungeon crawling RPG refuses to dial down its challenge. Developers From Software are also promising to take more care with our PC version this time around.


Splinter Cell: Blacklist

In an about turn for the best-while-urban series, the next iteration of Splinter Cell will see Sam Fisher stealthing his way around a broadly daylit Middle East, murdering brown-skinned men using all manner of weapons and technological gadgets. Creatively barren setting aside, the re-emergence of Splinter Cell’s unique brand of stealth is worth keeping an eyebrow raised over.


Grand Theft Auto V

Rockstar continue the charade of pretending that this game isn’t coming to PC, but we’re more than confident that it will. The next Grand Theft Auto game will be four billion times the size of the last one, feature a kaleidoscopic, ever-morphing cast of one thousand fully interactive protagonists, will redefine the very concept of videogames forever and lets you ride around on a bike. Possibly.


Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag

The next Assassin’s Creed is an open world pirate game, offering a huge, seamless chunk of the Caribbean to explore and plunder as you please. It builds on the naval battles of the third game, tying the ocean-faring to the ground-based game without a loading screen in sight. An exciting progression for the series. Read our Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag preview here.


Zeno Clash 2

The original was a game about punching birds in their big dumb beaks. The sequel looks set to follow a similar path, following on from the bizarre plot of the first and keeping a firm focus first on  person brawling, kinetic and tactical combat. Half-Miyazaki, half-Bosch (Heironymous, not the washing machine), Zeno Clash’s is a truly original universe.

My New Portable Air-Conditioner

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dog on ice

My old split air-conditioner in my study, where I spend a major part of my day, was getting noisy, losing its cooling effect and water was starting to leak from the front. That’s when I decided to get a new air-conditioner. My study is a large room, approximately 2400 cubic feet, and I needed an air-conditioner that would do spot heating/cooling at the place I work rather than cool or heat up the entire room and waste energy. As things turned out, I consulted a friend’s husband who is an air-conditioning expert, and he suggested that I get myself a portable air-conditioner.

His suggestion was based on a survey he did of my study. He found that my work desk was very near to a window, so that could be used for exhausting the air out. He also observed that I would oftentimes use reference books from the library rack mounted a small distance away, and if I had to spend some time researching and felt cold there, I would need an a/c that was easily portable. So, based on the room specifications and my activity around the room, he recommended a 10,000 British Thermal Unit model that would serve the purpose.

When doing the survey, he also suggested that I get a dual-hose portable air-conditioner. He explained that a dual hose a/c would have two hoses, with one hose pulling the air in from outside and the other hose expelling air out. It was a more efficient process than the single hose variety, and would not create negative pressure around the room and would cool it more effectively.

He then told me that a portable air-conditioner removes moisture from the room through the process of cooling and after some time the moisture turns into water. He offered me a variety of models to select from, including the ones that evaporate moisture that build up within them automatically as well the ones with their draining process through gravity or through a hose. I chose the former since it would offer me freedom to do my work unhindered.

One of the reasons that he advised me to get a portable air-conditioner was because of its efficiency. The portable varieties are energy efficient, and It wouldn’t be a drain on my pocket to run it as long as I needed it. He said that I should buy one with a higher energy efficient ratio (EER) rating, preferably a one rated at 10 EER. These air-conditioners also operate on household voltage at 120 V, and require no extra wiring. He advised me to read the product manual for power rating, and whether it would be supplied with a standard NEMA plug to get into a similar supply socket.

One thing he warned me though was about the noise level. He said since the heating/cooling unit would be indoors, I needed to be prepared for more noise than a split a/c with its cooling unit outside the house. He also advised that some portable air-conditioners come with automatic noise reduction facility, and I could get one of those If I was too concerned. He said I should also be looking for specialized features like multi-speeds, sleep mode, timer and blade swing angles before buying one.

I have bought a portable air conditioner a few months back now, and have not regretted my decision even for a single moment. Maintaining it is easy and simple. I just need to clean air filters occasionally, see whether it is correctly positioned so that it runs efficiently, and check occasionally for water accumulation at the base plate and drain it away. Well that’s all! I have a warranty card that assures me annual checkups for the next five years, and the supplier also guarantees for any defective parts for the first three years after installation. Believe me when I say that my work has become more efficient since I bought the portable air conditioner.

Source: Consumer Search

A Good Night’s Sleep

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Are you worried about extra beds for guests coming over? Are you having a tantrum call with kids who want to sleep in the same room as you? Or are you going camping over the weekend? Now you can sit back and sleep like a baby anywhere. Coleman air mattress enables you to have outdoor fun and indoor ease.
Coleman air mattress is an all- in- one solution provider for a good night sleep anywhere. You can choose from an array of types of air mattresses available from Coleman. The collection includes all sizes from twin to king. You will find single high bed, quick bed, twin bed, double mattress bed and trendy beds for girls and boys. You can find anything from the best Coleman queen size camping air mattress to twin size guest beds for the house.

They are built on the latest technology which differentiates them from the others in the market. The Airtight System technology and Double Lock Valve creates magical sleep for you and your guests. It is easy to inflate, locks the air inside and stays inflated as long as need. Now you can welcome kids for sleepover without worrying about extra beds. The air mattresses come with electric pump or battery pump, which inflate the bed in minutes! Within a few minutes you can have your stable, sturdy and comfortable air bed.

Now there is no need to store heavy mattresses or carry bulky mattresses around. You can save on storage space too as Coleman air mattresses take very little space once deflated. It is easy to roll and store them in a bag, ready for the next use. Coleman air mattresses are portable beds that can be carried around easily, taking very less space in the car boot. They are water proof and easy to clean.

Now with Coleman air mattress you can sit back and enjoy the comfort of your home bed anywhere and everywhere.

My Picks for Warm Mist Humidifiers

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winter colds

Warm mist humidifiers are able to heat water before dispersing it into the air. They are preferable because the vapor emitted by the machine is both warm and wet, which help to moisten the air and reduce cold symptoms. The best room humidifiers with warm mist are as follows.
The Air-O-Swiss 7142 is the most modern ultrasonic warm mist humidifier. Moreover, those who want a combination of humidifier and air purifier should settle for the Air-O-Swiss Air washer. Air-O-Swiss 7145 fills the gap left by warm mist humidifiers and air humidifiers. It is preferable families with young children and pets who enjoy a house filled with fine, cool mist that leaves a warming effect in the process. Air O Swiss humidifiers have gained recognition among a majority of home appliance consumers. These designs are credited with reduction of white dust production and controlling the spread of bacteria and germs.

Pureguardian H4600 has a mold-fighting silver coating that prevents mold to coat the surfaces of water tanks. It components do not include wicks, filters and cartridges hence there is no need for repairs. It is compatible to use especially its cleaning brush and split nozzle that to spread out moisture. Venta Sonic VS205 is completely silent when in action, has a running time of 24 hours and produces large quantity of mist into the rooms.

SPT SU-4010 humidifier is long and thin making it fit in places where other humidifiers cannot fit. It also has a split nozzle that rotates 360 degrees to cover the whole room. Lastly, due to its small size it is energy efficient compared to other humidifiers. Crane EE-8065 humidifier is best buy warm mist humidifier since it contains an antimicrobial in its water tank which inhibits the growth of mold and mildew. The machine ionizes the moisturized air; this is a boon to people with allergies or asthma.

Timex Heart Rate Monitor Watch

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A few weeks ago I came to the realization that I had hit a plateau in my fitness. I wasn’t losing or gaining weight, and I was still heavier than I wanted to be. I talked to a trainer at the gym and she suggested trying both running and spin classes, and getting a heart rate monitor to make sure I was optimizing the workout. it is not enough to work hard, apparently you also need to work right. The idea of trying to read a watch while I was running (bouncing) or spinning (in the dark) seemed like it was going to be pretty difficult, so I talked to some of my gym buddies to see what their suggestions were. One friend just loved his Polar monitor. That was a name I had heard several times so I asked him to explain to me how it worked. So he goes into this diatribe about the many features and options you have with the Polar, and how you go about setting up each one. It seemed a little much.

After all, I wasn’t new to working out, nor was I preparing for the Olympics. I really don’t have the time to dedicate to learning a host of programs, I just wanted something to tell me quickly if I was maximizing the benefit of my workout.Another friend suggested I try a Timex. That was a name I also knew, but not from fitness circles. I remembered the “takes a licking but keeps on ticking” commercials from my childhood. The friend assured me that it was a simple, user-friendly way to start using a heart monitor. He was right. It took me no time at all to set it up and start using it, largely because it was not my first Timex. Plus there is another benefit to owning a Timex heart rate monitor, which is it looks like a Timex. I wear it even when I’m not working out because it is a good looking watch.Contemporary styling. Easy to use. I love my Timex Heart Rate Monitor.

Are You Looking For The Best Steam Cleaner?

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If you want to maintain the cleanliness of your carpet, look for the best steam cleaner. The popularity of steam cleaning is growing at a very high rate. They have been found as the best solution for removing grease, bacteria, allergens and dust from homes. Below are reviews for the steam cleaners for carpet:

Karcher Sc1020

1. Karcher Sc1020

  • This steam cleaner can be used to clean almost all kind of surfaces including tiles, hard floors, taps, carpets, upholstery and work surfaces. It is an environmentally clean machine since it is totally chemical free. Despite it being a cylinder steam cleaner, the Karcher Sc1020 is very light. It weighs 4.1kg when it is totally full. This makes it easy to move it around as you do your cleaning. This unit heats u very fast taking only 7 minutes. You can do your cleaning for 25 minutes without having to refill this unit. It comes with accessories such as a round brush, a floor nozzle, descaler sticks and a hand tool. All these tools are very easy to clean up. You can easily adjust the amount of steam that you want to use.

2. Black & Decker FSM1621

Black & Decker FSM1621

  • This steam mop does quite a good job. It has a detachable hand held cleaner that is meant for smaller cleanups. It is light weight steam mop thus very easy to move around as you do your cleaning. Its cord is 25 foot long. This enables you to do your cleaning without having to move a different plug socket. It uses the SmartSelect technology. This means that it is made to take guesswork out of selecting the right settings for your wood, stone or laminate floor. This enables the mop to produce the right amount of steam which ensures that the floor dries quickly. It has a reservoir capacity of more than 10 ounces. It has controls which are easily accessible. This is because the controls are located on the handle thus making selection very easy. It features a burst button which releases 50% more steam and a quick-release button meant for detaching the hand held cleaner in order to reach smaller countertops and spaces.