Best PC Games of 2013

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Here are the best PC games of 2013:


Tomb Raider

Lara’s reinvention unclasped itself from old series’ hang ups and managed to avoid the pitfalls that her seventh, twelfth, thirty-fifth and seventy-third games so ungraciously fell into. Though QTE heavy and hands-free at times, Tomb Raider was undeniably a brutally cinematic triumph. An exciting and well executed return of a gaming icon. Read our Tomb Raider reviewhere.


BioShock Infinite

A little known title from obscure developer Irrational Games, BioShock Infinite is the story of a man who must infiltrate a flying city full of racists, puritans and revolutionaries in order to rescue a girl who can open rifts in space and time, thereby marrying the whitewashed, boardwalk idealism of turn of the century America to wild and subversive science-fiction. He achieves this primarily by shooting crows out of his fists. Here are some thoughts on BioShock Infinite.



Currently in a closed beta, Firefall has been put together by Blizzard veterans at Red 5 Studios. This massively multiplayer online FPS is pocked with RPG progression features, jetpacks, player versus world elements, giant guns and deep fiction. It’s a dream combination of exploration and questing and rocket launchers.


Arma 3

It’s something of a tumultuous development process, but the early access alpha of Arma 3 shows that development hasn’t taken a hit as a result. It’s hands down the most ambitious and technically competent military simulation in history, combining on-foot operations, air and ground vehicle combat and lots of underwater exploration. We played Arma 3 wrong.


Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

The follow up to Far Cry 3 is this absolutely ridiculous, totally overblown 80s style sci-fi shooter. Think neon, think cyborgs, think pumping retro tunes. Does it look cheesy? Yes. Does it look like an awful lot of fun, too? Absolutely. Read our Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon preview here.


Dark Souls 2

The punishingly difficult Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition bordered on frustratingly unfair, but while Dark Souls 2 will make some concessions to accessibility, the Japanese dungeon crawling RPG refuses to dial down its challenge. Developers From Software are also promising to take more care with our PC version this time around.


Splinter Cell: Blacklist

In an about turn for the best-while-urban series, the next iteration of Splinter Cell will see Sam Fisher stealthing his way around a broadly daylit Middle East, murdering brown-skinned men using all manner of weapons and technological gadgets. Creatively barren setting aside, the re-emergence of Splinter Cell’s unique brand of stealth is worth keeping an eyebrow raised over.


Grand Theft Auto V

Rockstar continue the charade of pretending that this game isn’t coming to PC, but we’re more than confident that it will. The next Grand Theft Auto game will be four billion times the size of the last one, feature a kaleidoscopic, ever-morphing cast of one thousand fully interactive protagonists, will redefine the very concept of videogames forever and lets you ride around on a bike. Possibly.


Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag

The next Assassin’s Creed is an open world pirate game, offering a huge, seamless chunk of the Caribbean to explore and plunder as you please. It builds on the naval battles of the third game, tying the ocean-faring to the ground-based game without a loading screen in sight. An exciting progression for the series. Read our Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag preview here.


Zeno Clash 2

The original was a game about punching birds in their big dumb beaks. The sequel looks set to follow a similar path, following on from the bizarre plot of the first and keeping a firm focus first on  person brawling, kinetic and tactical combat. Half-Miyazaki, half-Bosch (Heironymous, not the washing machine), Zeno Clash’s is a truly original universe.

Challenging but always rewarding!

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Working out on the elliptical machine is one of the most challenging and rewarding exercises you should definitely add to your work out routine. If you are not familiar with the elliptical machine, it can be described as circular moving steps. The elliptical machine works your quads, glutes, hamstrings and calves. Training on this machine works all of the muscles in your body, including your cardiovascular system.

My personal experiences with training on the elliptical machine has always been to start small. I like to set the timer for five minutes when starting up on the machine. This always helps when I want to complete a 15-30 minute session on the machine. I would also suggest stretching before hooping on. It’s easy to get excited about burning calories, but not stretching may result in a cramp in your legs or even your abdomen.

I like to work out on machines that don’t want to kill you right away. Lifting weights is good way to be out of commission for the nest planned work out day, especially if you don’t work out regularly. The elliptical has the right balance of challenge and reward. I can work out at my own pace and still always see positive results.

Compared to the treadmill, it has been my experience that the elliptical machine burns double the calories in half the time. That fact alone always helps me take on the challenging machine. The elliptical also encourages you to keep your heart rate at the appropriate speed to make for a more enjoyable and safe time during your workout.

Just like most work out equipment, the elliptical offers you the opportunity to enter your age, weight and heart rate to ensure that your are getting the best work out for you. I love knowing that once I enter in my personal vitals, the elliptical will set up a work out plan just for me.

If you want work up a true sweat and feel good about your time spent in the gym, the elliptical machine will do the trick every time. Depending on your weight and age, the machine will show how many calories you’ve burned per minute as well as how many miles you’ve walked. This is one the best features for me because I can’t ever figure out how to calculate those figures on my own and the machine does it all for you.

It’s just all around an outstanding machine for fat burning, cardio workouts and an energy boost. After using the elliptical machine, I always feel like I got my money’s worth.

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The Reason Why I Love Cooking

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Ever since I was a child spaghetti and macaroni salad are my favorites. At the age of twelve, I asked my mom to teach how to prepare and cook those foods and gladly she nodded- a sign of yes. She taught me first the spaghetti and according to her I must boil the pasta in a medium heat until it lightly softens. After preparing the pasta, I feel like I’m in heaven because I am now going to slice the ingredients such as the spices and my favourite hotdog into cubes. However, the feeling like in heaven of mine suddenly disappear because the three kitchen knives are all rusty and I really don’t like to use rusted knife in preparing food.

Thus, that time I decided to leave the kitchen and went to my auntie’s house, there I saw a lot of kitchen knives. I was amazed because they have a serrated blade knife which will be used particularly for cutting onions and tomatoes or anything that is hard outside but soft inside. Also, I found out that their kitchen knives are all stainless steel from the handle to the tip of the blade. From that moment I borrowed their kitchen knives and rashly went back home to continue my spaghetti meal. After cooking, my spaghetti tasted so good maybe because I cooked it with love and happiness in my heart.

I loved to cook that time because we made the right choice of brands and I used the stainless knife that helps me sliced all the ingredients so cute, a big thanks to my aunt. Moreover, now that I am twenty years old I admit that I really love to cook any kind of food. Whenever you have time and take a visit to my kitchen I swear you will be amazed because I collected different types of kitchen knives not to mention my one set glass knife that I only used as decoration in the kitchen. It looks so nice and I feel great because all of the people visited and take a tour in my kitchen gave me a wonderful comment. You can read detailed reviews on the best kitchen knives set at PCN Chef.

Nowadays there are lot of kitchen knives that can be found in the department store and many areas. However, as cooking enthusiast I always ensure that the knives I bought is in high quality and made up of stainless steel regardless of the price as long as I cannot see the rust.

Here Is My Collection of Cookware Set

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When it comes to selecting the best set of cookware for my cooking, I always ensure that I shop for the best in the market. The material used to make the cookware is the first thing I consider and then the price. The various materials used to make the ware include aluminum, cast iron, hard anodized, ceramic and stainless steel. The material that I have to select has its advantage over the others.

Aluminum for me is a great everyday cooking ware that I have to use in the kitchen. The reason I love it is because it’s often dishwasher safe, light, affordable and excellent in conducting heat, and hence my cooking is very fast. The cast iron ware is suitable for frying and simmering and also very durable. I also love it for it’s an even-heater.

When I decide to use the ceramic ware, it’s when I am doing light cooking, and I love it as it’s also chemical-free and very easy to clean after use. I would highly recommend the stainless steel to any professional chef as it won’t react with acidic foods apart from being unyielding. The hard anodized is sturdy and comes in various cooking-surface styles.

My cookware set include various wares like the frying pan, saucepan, grill pan, griddle pan and stock pot among others. The cookware that I use in the kitchen shows how good I am in the kitchen, and they always make my cooking look professional in nature. Depending on the number of people I am preparing the food for, the number of cookware will vary. The type of cookware I shall use will also depend on the kind of food I am going to prepare. With the right cooking ware, my cooking becomes easy, quick and enjoyable as an everyday activity. I will always buy high-quality cooking ware from the recognized manufacturers, and this helps me save money.

Finally got the Coffee Bug…

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Prior to last year, I wasn’t a coffee drinker. I’d been out of work for 3 years and was willing to take any job, just to keep the lights on. After 5 interviews and no job offers, I finally landed a job. There was one big hang up though; The job was at night. I am definitely a day person. As soon as the moon comes out my body goes limp as a noodle and I’m ready to go to bed. It was no surprise when my sister offered me her Breville espresso machine. The one my mom had given her for Christmas.

In walks the world of espresso coffee. I was hooked from the first time that I tasted my grocery store brand of dark roast. Is this what I’d been missing all those years? I’ve been on the job for 8 months now. At first I would brew myself a good ol cup of goodness around 9:30 pm just to wake me up. It got to the point after the first 2 weeks that I had to have my espresso coffee at work because I loved it so much. I started using my office’s espresso machine too.
One night I was running short on time and I made the AWFUL mistake having a cup of coffee that was brewing in the breakroom. Yuck yuck!!! You see up until that point I didn’t know that the actual coffee maker could make a difference in the flavor and overall quality of the coffee. I thought coffee was coffee. Boy was I wrong. That was a tough night. I had to work all night without my good ol goodness. I vowed never to let that happen again. I made sure I was up early enough to have my espresso loaded.

I had to sing my praises for the Breville BES870XL. I felt so bad about my sister giving me hers that I went out and bought her another Breville. Now that I know how good espresso coffee is and how wonderful it taste when brewed with a good espresso machine. I just can’t see denying anyone else this joy.

When Yolanda got her Breville she just smiled at me. I bought her a couple of bags of dark roast also. I used to laugh at her every time she said she couldn’t start her day without her coffee. I just didn’t get it. Now I do.

A Good Night’s Sleep with New Air Mattress

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Are you worried about extra beds for guests coming over? Are you having a tantrum call with kids who want to sleep in the same room as you? Or are you going camping over the weekend? Now you can sit back and sleep like a baby anywhere. Coleman air mattress enables you to have outdoor fun and indoor ease.
Coleman air mattress is an all- in- one solution provider for a good night sleep anywhere. You can choose from an array of types of air mattresses available from Coleman. The collection includes all sizes from twin to king. You will find single high bed, quick bed, twin bed, double mattress bed and trendy beds for girls and boys. You can find anything from the best Coleman queen size camping air mattress to twin size guest beds for the house.

They are built on the latest technology which differentiates them from the others in the market. The Airtight System technology and Double Lock Valve creates magical sleep for you and your guests. It is easy to inflate, locks the air inside and stays inflated as long as need. Now you can welcome kids for sleepover without worrying about extra beds. The air mattresses come with electric pump or battery pump, which inflate the bed in minutes! Within a few minutes you can have your stable, sturdy and comfortable air bed.

Now there is no need to store heavy mattresses or carry bulky mattresses around. You can save on storage space too as Coleman air mattresses take very little space once deflated. It is easy to roll and store them in a bag, ready for the next use. Coleman air mattresses are portable beds that can be carried around easily, taking very less space in the car boot. They are water proof and easy to clean.

Now with Coleman air mattress you can sit back and enjoy the comfort of your home bed anywhere and everywhere. Get more options here